Friday, January 14, 2011

Giving It All To God

I showed the movie "Flywheel" to my small group last night. We just finished studying the book "Life's Healing Choices" by Jon Baker and I think "Flywheel" is a great example of a man going through all those choices. I love to end up that study with a viewing of this movie and each time I show it to a group I get the opportunity to see through the eyes of someone seeing it for the first time.

Last night one particular line resonated with me. The movie is about a used car salesman that gives his life to the Lord. He even gives his car lot to God and says it's God's lot and if it goes under it's because the Lord allowed it. That kind of attitude is what I need. The attitude that says, God it's yours and what ever happens is something that You allow.

I have a son that is having difficulties. He is in need of help and we are in the process of trying to find him that help but we keep running into dead ends. I have worried and stressed over this til I've made myself sick. I need to let it go. I need to give my son over to God and realize that even when things don't appear (to me) to go right whatever is happening, God is allowing to happen and He has a reason. I would like to know that reason but in the end I trust God. He is God and I am not. He created my son, put him in my family and loves my son more than I ever could. He has my sons best interests in mind. I just can't see the whole picture from where I stand at the moment.

So today I will say, God my son is yours and if these efforts to help him fail it's because you allowed it. And tomorrow I will have to do the same thing.

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