Friday, October 15, 2010

In Your Arms

I recently found a cassette tape that I'd made back in the 80's sometime when I was a college student with dreams of writing music and singing professionally. My kids wanted to hear it so we found a tape player and listened to it together. Some of the songs on the tape I had even forgotten that I had written. Musically they were OK but the words of these songs stuck out to me. How is it that I could have written these songs with such deep meanings at such a young age? Guess it was God who inspired them.

This one in particular still speaks to me as I continue on my journey of healing. Now more than ever I long to be done with this world and move on to the next and spend some time literally in the arms of Jesus.

Where have all the feelings gone?
Why do I feel so numb?
Is it wrong to block out hurt when all these trials come?
Lord, You want me to be strong in You but I don't know if I can.
Satan's coming from my every side pulling my defenses down.

Do You want to take me home as much as I want to go?
Do You want to hold me in Your arms?
I know You've made a place for me where there is no pain or tears.
Father, how I long to be there now, in Your arms.

I couldn't make it if I didn't have You to be there all the time.
Take the hurt when it hurts too bad give me the healing that I long for.
Lord, I know I can be strong with You inside me giving strength.
Satan is no match for me when I've got You deep inside me.

I know You want to take me home as much as I want to go.
But there's still so much work for me to do here.
Someday when the time is right, You'll take me by the hand.
Take me to the place I long to be, in Your arms.