Monday, January 3, 2011

Adoption Day

It has been a long time since I've written on here. Daily life this past year has been overwhelming, but now it's a new year with new opportunities and resolutions so I will once again try to put my thoughts, feeling and views here for those one or two followers to read. Mostly though I will write to try to find the healing that I long for.

Three years ago today we bundled up the family and drove to the court house to officially make our youngest son a Hopkins. We'd had him in our home and loved him and parented him for most of his life but 1/3/08 was the day it became legal. And the day that I gave a huge sigh of relief that he would remain in our home.

Seven months before Christian came into our lives we had adopted four older children and our family seemed to be divided in two. The kids had special loyalties to birth siblings and we just didn't seem like one family. But when we got this little three month old baby, he was every one's brother. We all spoiled him and loved him and cared for him as a family. His just being there made a huge difference.

We even had the opportunity to grieve together over him when he went back to live with his birth mom just after his first birthday. And God graciously gave us the privilege of celebrating his return to our family three months later.

Adoption Day is a big deal in our home. We celebrate every year how God put this family together. Today is Adoption Day for Christian and it will be celebrated by him getting his parents all to himself for an hour or two as we dine at a restaurant of his choice and reminisce about how God brought him to us.

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